15 Things To Do In Athol MA

Things To Do In Athol MA

Nestled in the heart of Massachusetts, Athol is a quaint town with a rich history and a vibrant community. If you’re seeking a peaceful getaway or an adventurous day trip, Athol has something for everyone. From outdoor enthusiasts to history buffs, this charming town offers a variety of activities to make your visit memorable. Here’s a guide to the top things to do in Athol, MA.

Things To Do In Athol MA

  1. Hike the Quabbin Reservoir:

Begin your journey in Athol by exploring the stunning Quabbin Reservoir. As one of the largest reservoirs in the country, Quabbin offers a picturesque landscape with miles of hiking trails. Nature lovers will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna, while hikers can choose from trails of varying difficulty levels. The lush greenery and serene waters make it a perfect spot for a peaceful day outdoors.

  1. Visit the Athol Historical Society:

Delve into Athol’s past by visiting the Athol Historical Society. Housed in an enchanting historic building, the society showcases artifacts, photographs, and documents that highlight the town’s evolution over the years. Gain insights into the local history, including the industrial era and the town’s role in shaping Massachusetts.

  1. Explore Bearsden Conservation Area:

For those seeking a more immersive natural experience, Bearsden Conservation Area is a must-visit. With its well-maintained trails, this conservation area is ideal for hiking, bird watching, and enjoying the tranquil surroundings. The diverse ecosystems and beautiful landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments.

  1. Discover Tully Lake:

Tully Lake is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer kayaking, canoeing, or simply relaxing by the water’s edge, Tully Lake has it all. The Tully Lake Campground offers a unique camping experience, allowing you to extend your stay and enjoy the beauty of the night sky in this peaceful haven.

  1. Attend Local Events and Festivals:

Immerse yourself in Athol’s community spirit by attending local events and festivals. Check the town’s event calendar for farmers’ markets, art fairs, and seasonal celebrations. Engaging with the local community will not only provide a taste of Athol’s culture but also create lasting memories.

  1. Savor Local Cuisine:

No trip is complete without savoring the local flavors. Athol boasts charming eateries and cafes that serve delicious meals made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for classic New England fare or international cuisine, Athol’s culinary scene has something to satisfy every palate.

  1. Shop Along Main Street:

Take a leisurely stroll along Main Street, where you’ll find an array of charming shops and boutiques. From unique souvenirs to handmade crafts, the local businesses in Athol contribute to the town’s distinct character. Support the community by indulging in some retail therapy while exploring the town.

  1. Golf at Ellinwood Country Club:

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a day on the greens at Ellinwood Country Club. This well-maintained course offers a challenging yet scenic layout surrounded by the natural beauty of Athol. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the club welcomes all levels of players.

  1. Attend a Performance at the Athol-Royalston Regional School Auditorium:

Check the local events calendar for performances at the Athol-Royalston Regional School Auditorium. From school plays to community theater productions and musical performances, the auditorium hosts a variety of cultural events that showcase the talent and creativity of Athol’s residents.

  1. Fishing at Lake Rohunta:

For a relaxing day by the water, head to Lake Rohunta, a serene spot for fishing. Pack your fishing gear and enjoy the tranquility of the lake as you try your luck at catching bass, trout, or other freshwater species. The peaceful surroundings make it an ideal location for a leisurely day of angling.

  1. Take a Scenic Drive on Route 2A:

Embark on a picturesque drive along Route 2A, which offers stunning views of the Massachusetts countryside. This scenic route takes you through rolling hills, charming farmland, and picturesque landscapes. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the changing seasons.

  1. Join a Yoga Class at a Local Studio:

Unwind and rejuvenate by participating in a yoga class at one of Athol’s local studios. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, these classes provide a serene and welcoming environment to practice mindfulness and flexibility.

  1. Explore Doane’s Falls:

Venture a bit outside Athol to discover Doane’s Falls in Royalston. This scenic waterfall is part of the Trustees of Reservations and offers a short hike to reach the cascading waters. The natural beauty and peaceful ambiance make it an excellent spot for nature lovers and photographers.

  1. Visit the Millers River Environmental Center:

Learn about the local flora and fauna at the Millers River Environmental Center. This educational facility provides information about the natural ecosystems in the region and often hosts workshops and guided nature walks. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with the environment and gain insights into the area’s biodiversity.

  1. Attend the Annual River Rat Race:

If your visit aligns with the schedule, don’t miss the annual River Rat Race. This exciting event involves participants racing down the Millers River in various watercraft. Spectators can enjoy the lively atmosphere and cheer on the participants as they navigate the river’s twists and turns.


Athol, Massachusetts, may be a small town, but its charm, natural beauty, and vibrant community make it a destination worth exploring. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, history enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Athol has something special to offer. Embrace the tranquility and warmth of this hidden gem as you create lasting memories in the heart of Massachusetts.

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