13 Fun Things To Do In Calistoga CA California

Things To Do In Calistoga CA California

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Calistoga, California, is a charming and picturesque town known for its soothing hot springs, world-class wineries, and breathtaking landscapes. This idyllic destination offers a plethora of activities for travelers seeking a serene escape or an adventure-packed getaway. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, a nature enthusiast, or a relaxation seeker, Calistoga has something special in store for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the top things to do in Calistoga, California, guaranteeing a memorable and enriching experience.

  1. Unwind in the Healing Hot Springs:

Calistoga’s geothermal wonders are famous for their healing properties and have attracted visitors for centuries. Experience the ultimate relaxation at one of the many natural hot springs spas scattered throughout the town. Sink into mineral-rich pools, indulge in rejuvenating mud baths, and let your stress melt away in these therapeutic havens. The Indian Springs Resort and Spa and Calistoga Spa Hot Springs are two popular options, each offering unique treatments to revitalize your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Discover the Napa Valley Wineries:

As part of the renowned Napa Valley wine region, Calistoga is a paradise for wine enthusiasts. Embark on a wine-tasting adventure through its world-class wineries, each boasting a distinctive charm. Castello di Amorosa, a medieval-inspired castle winery, Chateau Montelena with its historic stone chateau, and Sterling Vineyards accessible via a scenic gondola ride are just a few must-visit destinations. Savor exquisite wines and gain insights into the winemaking process while surrounded by stunning vineyard vistas.

  1. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride:

For a truly unforgettable experience, soar above the vineyards and rolling hills in a hot air balloon. Calistoga’s picturesque landscape becomes even more magical when viewed from the skies. The early morning balloon rides offer a serene and breathtaking view of the valley, with the golden rays of sunrise illuminating the surroundings. Napa Valley Balloons and Calistoga Balloons are reputable companies that offer these awe-inspiring rides.

  1. Hike or Bike through Scenic Trails:

Calistoga is a paradise for nature lovers, offering an abundance of hiking and biking trails. Witness the stunning beauty of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, where you can explore ancient redwood groves and diverse flora and fauna. For a more challenging hike, head to Mount St. Helena, the highest peak in Napa County, and be rewarded with panoramic vistas of the region. Cyclists can traverse the Silverado Trail, meandering through vineyards and offering an authentic Napa Valley experience.

  1. Indulge in Culinary Delights:

Calistoga’s culinary scene is as inviting as its natural wonders. Treat yourself to delectable farm-to-table cuisine at top-notch restaurants such as Solbar and Sam’s Social Club. Sample locally produced olive oils, cheeses, and artisanal delights at the Calistoga Farmers’ Market, where the community gathers to celebrate local flavors. Don’t forget to pair your meals with the finest Napa Valley wines for a complete gastronomic experience.

  1. Explore Old Faithful Geyser:

Experience the geothermal power of Old Faithful Geyser, a natural wonder located just a few miles from Calistoga. Erupting approximately every 30 minutes, this geyser shoots water high into the air, making it a mesmerizing spectacle to behold. Surrounding the geyser is a petting zoo, allowing visitors to interact with llamas, goats, and other friendly animals, making it a great family-friendly outing.

  1. Visit the Sharpsteen Museum:

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of Calistoga at the Sharpsteen Museum. Named after Ben Sharpsteen, a Disney animator and Calistoga resident, the museum houses captivating exhibits that showcase the town’s development, from its Native American heritage to its early days as a resort town. Marvel at historical artifacts, photographs, and storytelling exhibits that bring the past to life.

  1. Pamper Yourself with Spa Treatments:

Calistoga’s reputation as a spa town extends beyond hot springs. Treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments and massages at some of the finest resorts and day spas in the area. From aromatherapy sessions to deep-tissue massages, these indulgent experiences will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated.

  1. Explore the Petrified Forest:

Just a short drive from Calistoga lies the Petrified Forest, a captivating geological wonder that dates back over three million years. Take a guided tour through this ancient forest of petrified redwood trees, where volcanic activity preserved the trees, transforming them into striking mineral fossils. Learn about the region’s geological history and marvel at the ancient giants that once towered over the landscape.

  1. Attend Festivals and Events:

Calistoga hosts various festivals and events throughout the year that showcase the town’s vibrant culture and community spirit. The Calistoga Harvest Table, an annual event in September, offers a unique dining experience with a long table stretched across the town’s picturesque main street, showcasing local cuisine and wines. The Lighted Tractor Parade during the holiday season is a charming spectacle of decorated tractors and vintage trucks adorned with twinkling lights.

  1. Horseback Riding in the Vineyards:

Experience the beauty of Napa Valley’s vineyards from a different perspective by embarking on a horseback riding adventure. Several stables in Calistoga offer guided tours through the vineyards, allowing you to enjoy the serene landscape at a leisurely pace. It’s a wonderful way to connect with nature while admiring the lush vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest wines.

  1. Take a Cooking Class:

For food enthusiasts, Calistoga offers the chance to learn the art of culinary excellence through cooking classes hosted by local chefs. Discover the secrets of preparing delicious dishes using fresh, local ingredients. From mastering wine and food pairings to crafting gourmet meals, these classes provide a hands-on experience that will undoubtedly impress friends and family back home.

  1. Tour Olive Oil Mills:

While Napa Valley is renowned for its wines, it also produces exceptional olive oil. Take a tour of olive oil mills in the region and learn about the process of olive oil production. Sample a variety of olive oils with different flavors and nuances, and bring home a bottle of liquid gold as a tasty souvenir.


Calistoga, California, offers an enchanting blend of relaxation, adventure, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for a memorable vacation. Whether you’re soaking in the healing hot springs, sipping world-class wines, or exploring the captivating landscapes, every moment spent in Calistoga promises to be a truly enriching experience. Embark on a journey to this Napa Valley gem and create lasting memories that will linger in your heart for years to come.

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