18 Fun Things To Do In Fernandina Beach FL Florida

Things To Do In Fernandina Beach

Nestled on the picturesque Amelia Island along Florida’s northeastern coast, Fernandina Beach is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its rich history, stunning beaches, and vibrant cultural scene, this charming town offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a laid-back coastal escape, Fernandina Beach has something for everyone. Here’s a curated list of things to do in Fernandina Beach, Florida, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

  1. Explore Historic Downtown:

Begin your journey by strolling through the enchanting Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach. Lined with well-preserved Victorian architecture, charming boutiques, and eclectic art galleries, Centre Street is the heart of the historic district. Take your time exploring the Amelia Island Museum of History to gain insights into the area’s past and its role in the development of Florida.

  1. Visit Fort Clinch State Park:

For history and nature enthusiasts alike, Fort Clinch State Park is a must-visit destination. This well-preserved 19th-century fortress offers guided tours, allowing visitors to step back in time. The park also features miles of pristine beaches, perfect for sunbathing, beachcombing, and birdwatching.

  1. Experience the Amelia Island Lighthouse:

Head to the northern tip of the island to discover the iconic Amelia Island Lighthouse. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding marshlands. The adjacent museum provides fascinating insights into the maritime history of the region.

  1. Take a Boat Tour:

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Amelia Island by taking a boat tour. Whether it’s a relaxing sunset cruise or an adventurous eco-tour, you’ll have the chance to spot dolphins, manatees, and a variety of bird species. Several tour operators offer guided excursions, providing a unique perspective of the island.

  1. Relax on the Beaches:

Fernandina Beach boasts 13 miles of pristine, uncrowded beaches. Main Beach Park is a popular spot with picnic areas, volleyball courts, and a playground. For a more secluded experience, head to the quieter South Beach, where you can enjoy the sun and surf in a tranquil setting.

  1. Indulge in Culinary Delights:

The local dining scene in Fernandina Beach is a delightful mix of seafood shacks, upscale restaurants, and cozy cafes. Try the local catch of the day or savor Southern-inspired dishes at one of the waterfront restaurants. Don’t forget to explore the vibrant farmers’ market for fresh, locally sourced produce.

  1. Attend Festivals and Events:

Check the local events calendar, as Fernandina Beach hosts various festivals throughout the year. From the Amelia Island Book Festival to the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, these events showcase the community’s vibrant arts, culture, and culinary offerings.

  1. Golf at Amelia Island:

Golf enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise at Amelia Island, home to world-class golf courses. Tee off against the backdrop of ocean views and lush landscapes at one of the island’s prestigious golf resorts.

  1. Kayak or Paddleboard through Egan’s Creek:

Delve into the tranquil waters of Egan’s Creek by renting a kayak or paddleboard. Navigate through winding waterways, surrounded by lush marshlands and diverse wildlife. This peaceful excursion provides an intimate connection with the island’s unique ecosystems.

  1. Take a Ghost Tour:

Embark on a thrilling adventure through Fernandina Beach’s haunted history with a guided ghost tour. Explore the town’s dark alleys and hear chilling tales of its mysterious past. These tours offer a unique blend of history and spine-tingling stories, creating a memorable evening experience.

  1. Shop at the Fernandina Beach Market Place:

Immerse yourself in the local community by exploring the Fernandina Beach Market Place. Held every Saturday, this vibrant market features a diverse array of vendors selling fresh produce, handmade crafts, and unique souvenirs. It’s an excellent opportunity to support local businesses and connect with the island’s creative spirit.

  1. Go Horseback Riding on the Beach:

Experience the magic of horseback riding along the shoreline with Amelia Island Horseback Riding. Guided tours allow riders of all levels to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach while creating lasting memories with these majestic creatures.

  1. Discover the Maritime Museum:

Delve into Fernandina Beach’s maritime history at the Maritime Museum of Amelia Island. Learn about the island’s role in the shrimping industry, maritime artifacts, and the fascinating stories of shipwrecks that have occurred along the Florida coast.

  1. Attend a Live Performance at the Amelia Community Theatre:

Immerse yourself in the local arts scene by attending a live performance at the Amelia Community Theatre. This intimate venue showcases a variety of theatrical productions, including plays, musicals, and performances by local artists.

  1. Take a Bike Tour:

Explore the island at your own pace by renting a bike and cruising along the scenic trails. Fernandina Beach offers a bike-friendly environment, and you can pedal through the historic district, parks, and along the shoreline for a leisurely and scenic ride.

  1. Relax at the Spa:

Indulge in some well-deserved relaxation at one of Fernandina Beach’s luxurious spas. Unwind with a massage, facial, or holistic treatment, allowing yourself to be pampered in a serene coastal setting.

  1. Explore the Cumberland Island National Seashore:

Venture just a short ferry ride away to Cumberland Island National Seashore, a pristine wilderness with untouched beaches, maritime forests, and historic ruins. Hike through the island’s trails, keeping an eye out for wild horses that roam freely.

  1. Join a Fishing Charter:

For those seeking an angler’s adventure, book a fishing charter and cast your line into the abundant waters surrounding Amelia Island. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a novice, these charters offer an exciting opportunity to reel in a variety of species.


Fernandina Beach, Florida, is a destination that seamlessly combines history, natural beauty, and leisure. Whether you’re uncovering the town’s rich past in the historic district, exploring the outdoors at Fort Clinch State Park, or simply relaxing on the pristine beaches, Fernandina Beach promises an enriching and rejuvenating experience. Plan your trip to this coastal haven and discover the many treasures it has to offer.

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