15 Fun Things To Do In Lewiston Idaho ID

Nestled in the scenic Lewis-Clark Valley, Lewiston, Idaho, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Known for its rich history, outdoor recreation, and charming atmosphere, Lewiston offers a myriad of activities for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, this guide will take you through the best things to do in Lewiston, Idaho.

Hells Gate State Park: A Nature Lover’s Paradise Start your journey at Hells Gate State Park, where the Snake River winds through picturesque landscapes. Boasting hiking trails, camping sites, and water activities like kayaking, this park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The scenic views and diverse wildlife make it a perfect spot for nature lovers.

Lewis-Clark Center for Arts & History: Dive into Culture Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene at the Lewis-Clark Center for Arts & History. Featuring rotating exhibits, local artworks, and cultural events, this center provides a glimpse into the region’s artistic soul. Don’t miss the chance to connect with the community through workshops and live performances.

Nez Perce County Historical Society & Museum: Unraveling the Past Delve into Lewiston’s fascinating history at the Nez Perce County Historical Society & Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Nez Perce Tribe, and the area’s early pioneers. It’s a captivating journey through time that educates and entertains.

Take a Stroll in Downtown Lewiston: Shop and Dine Discover the heart of the city in downtown Lewiston. Wander through charming streets lined with boutiques, galleries, and local eateries. From unique souvenirs to delicious cuisine, the downtown area offers a delightful mix of shopping and dining experiences.

Clearwater Canyon Cellars: Sip and Savor Local Wines For wine enthusiasts, Clearwater Canyon Cellars is a must-visit. This family-owned winery produces award-winning wines from locally sourced grapes. Take a tour of the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and indulge in a tasting session to savor the flavors of the Lewis-Clark Valley.

Gateway to Hells Canyon: Thrilling River Adventures Lewiston serves as the gateway to Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America. Embark on a thrilling jet boat tour or a scenic rafting expedition to witness the canyon’s breathtaking beauty. The Snake River’s rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife create an unforgettable adventure.

Outdoor Recreation at Winchester Lake State Park Just a short drive from Lewiston, Winchester Lake State Park offers a serene retreat for outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking, and bird watching are popular pastimes here. The tranquil lake and surrounding forested trails provide a peaceful escape for those seeking relaxation in nature.

Riverside Park: Relaxation and Recreation Head to Riverside Park for a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverfront, have a picnic in the shaded areas, or engage in a game of frisbee or volleyball. The park’s well-maintained green spaces make it an ideal spot for family outings and casual gatherings.

Scenic Drives: Explore the Palouse Scenic Byway Take a scenic drive along the Palouse Scenic Byway, winding through rolling hills, wheat fields, and charming small towns. The breathtaking views of the Palouse region and the surrounding landscapes make this drive a must-do for photography enthusiasts and anyone seeking a peaceful escape.

Lindsay Creek Vineyards: Wine Tasting with a View Elevate your wine-tasting experience at Lindsay Creek Vineyards. Set against the backdrop of the Lewiston Orchards, this winery offers not only exquisite wines but also stunning views. Sample a variety of handcrafted wines while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the vineyard.

Jet Boating on the Snake River: Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure For an adrenaline rush, embark on a jet boat tour on the Snake River. Professional guides will navigate you through thrilling rapids and provide insights into the region’s history and geology. It’s a heart-pounding adventure that showcases the natural beauty and excitement of the river.

Lewiston Dog Park: Playtime for Furry Friends If you’re traveling with a furry companion, visit the Lewiston Dog Park. This off-leash park offers a safe and spacious area for dogs to socialize and play. It’s a great way to meet locals, both two-legged and four-legged, and enjoy some outdoor time with your pet.

Lewiston Hill Overlook: Panoramic Views Drive up to the Lewiston Hill Overlook for panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. The overlook provides an excellent vantage point to capture stunning sunsets or simply enjoy a peaceful moment in nature. It’s a photographer’s delight and a serene retreat for those seeking quiet contemplation.

Lewiston Roundup: Rodeo and Western Entertainment If your visit aligns with the Lewiston Roundup, don’t miss the chance to experience this iconic rodeo event. Featuring bull riding, barrel racing, and western entertainment, the Lewiston Roundup offers a taste of the region’s cowboy culture and a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

Local Eateries: Culinary Delights Explore Lewiston’s diverse culinary scene by trying out local eateries. From farm-to-table restaurants to cozy cafes, the city offers a range of dining options. Sample regional specialties and indulge in delectable treats to complete your sensory experience in Lewiston.

Conclusion: Lewiston, Idaho, invites you to explore its diverse offerings, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the scenic beauty of Hells Canyon, the rich history showcased in museums, or the vibrant downtown atmosphere, Lewiston promises a memorable and fulfilling getaway. Pack your bags and embark on a journey to this hidden gem in the Lewis-Clark Valley.

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