12 Things To Do In Lubec Maine

Things To Do In Lubec Maine

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Downeast Maine, Lubec stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its picturesque landscapes, rich maritime history, and a welcoming community, this quaint town offers a plethora of activities for visitors seeking an authentic coastal experience. Join us as we explore the top things to do in Lubec, Maine, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this enchanting destination.

Things To Do In Lubec Maine

  1. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse: Witness the First Light

Begin your Lubec adventure by visiting the iconic West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, the easternmost point of the contiguous United States. Perched atop dramatic cliffs, this candy-striped beacon has been guiding sailors since 1808. The adjacent Quoddy Head State Park boasts hiking trails with breathtaking views of the Bay of Fundy, making it a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts.

  1. Cobscook Bay State Park: Embrace Nature’s Tranquility

For a serene escape into nature, head to Cobscook Bay State Park. This tidal bay, known for its diverse ecosystems, offers opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and kayaking. With its tidal flats and rich marine life, the park provides a unique chance to witness the ebb and flow of the Bay of Fundy tides.

  1. Roosevelt Campobello International Park: Step Back in Time

Just a short drive away, cross the border into Canada to explore the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. This historic site preserves the summer home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, where he spent his childhood. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this remarkable figure and enjoy the park’s scenic beauty along the cliffs of Passamaquoddy Bay.

  1. Whale Watching Tours: Encounter Marine Majesty

Lubec’s proximity to the nutrient-rich waters of the Bay of Fundy makes it an ideal location for whale watching. Embark on a thrilling adventure with local tour operators to witness majestic marine life, including humpback whales, minke whales, and playful seals. The sheer beauty of these creatures against the backdrop of the rugged coastline creates an unforgettable experience.

  1. Explore Lubec’s Art Scene: Creativity in a Coastal Setting

Lubec’s artistic community thrives amidst its natural beauty. Explore local galleries and studios to discover a vibrant array of paintings, sculptures, and crafts inspired by the town’s maritime surroundings. Engage with local artists, and perhaps even take home a unique piece of Lubec as a memento of your visit.

  1. Lubec Brewing Company: Savor Local Flavors

After a day of exploration, unwind at the Lubec Brewing Company. This cozy brewery offers a selection of craft beers brewed on-site, paired with a welcoming atmosphere and, often, live music. Sample a flight of their unique brews and savor the flavors of Lubec in every sip.

  1. Quoddy Village Antique Mall: Unearth Treasures from the Past

Explore the Quoddy Village Antique Mall, a hidden gem for vintage enthusiasts. This sprawling antique mall features an eclectic collection of items from different eras, allowing visitors to browse through unique artifacts, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you’re a serious collector or just enjoy a good stroll down memory lane, this antique mall offers a delightful experience.

  1. Bold Coast Scenic Byway: Drive Along Coastal Majesty

Embark on a scenic road trip along the Bold Coast Scenic Byway, a route that winds its way through picturesque coastal landscapes. Marvel at rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and panoramic ocean views as you drive along this stunning stretch of road. Don’t forget to stop at designated viewpoints for the perfect photo opportunity and to soak in the tranquility of the Maine coastline.

  1. Hike the Coastal Trails: Wander into Wilderness

Lubec boasts a network of coastal trails, offering hiking opportunities for all skill levels. Take a leisurely stroll along the easy paths of Lubec’s coastal trails or challenge yourself with more rugged terrain. The vistas along these trails provide glimpses of the region’s natural beauty, from dense forests to rocky shorelines, making it an ideal activity for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Campobello Island Tours: Cross the Border for Canadian Charm

While exploring Lubec, don’t miss the chance to take a short ferry ride or drive across the FDR Memorial Bridge to Campobello Island in Canada. The island offers a tranquil retreat with its scenic landscapes, historic sites, and the stunning Herring Cove Provincial Park. Immerse yourself in the island’s charm, and perhaps indulge in some authentic Canadian cuisine.

  1. Lubec Channel Light: Capture the Maritime Magic

Photographers and maritime enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to the Lubec Channel Light, also known as the Lubec Breakwater Light. Located at the end of a picturesque breakwater, this lighthouse provides a unique perspective of Lubec’s coastal beauty. Capture the essence of the maritime atmosphere, especially during sunrise or sunset, for breathtaking photo opportunities.

  1. Fishing and Seafood Dining: Taste the Freshest Catches

Lubec’s coastal location makes it a haven for seafood lovers. Join a local fishing charter for a hands-on experience, or simply enjoy the fruits of the sea at one of the town’s seafood restaurants. Indulge in freshly caught lobster, clams, and other local delights, and savor the flavors of the ocean in every bite.


Lubec, Maine, beckons travelers with its harmonious blend of natural beauty, maritime history, and warm community spirit. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Lubec has something for everyone. Embark on a journey to this coastal haven, and let the charm of Lubec create memories that will last a lifetime.

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