14 Fun Things To Do In Texarkana Arkansas


Texarkana, Arkansas is a small town in Texas. It’s not as well-known as its sister city across the Red River, which is a shame because there are plenty of fun things to do here!

Wake Village Texas Parks & Recreation

In Texarkana, Arkansas, you can find plenty of fun activities to do with your family and friends. One such activity is Wake Village Texas Parks & Recreation. Wake Village Texas Parks & Recreation offers a plethora of recreational activities for families to enjoy. This park has a large playground with slides, swings, and jungle gyms for children to play on. 

It also has basketball courts, tennis courts, and a pool for those who enjoy swimming or playing sports such as soccer or football in the summertime heat wave! Another great feature of this park is that it has plenty of fields where players can play soccer or frisbee with their friends at any time of day; even at night! 

There are also pavilions available where groups can gather together to have picnics while enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding them during their mealtime experience together as well as walking trails throughout the premises so visitors won’t feel bored while exploring outdoors either!

Front Street Historic District

In a National Register of Historic Places-listed district that stretches along Front Street in Texarkana, Arkansas, you’ll find some historic sites and beautiful architecture. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

One of the most notable attractions is the Old Rock Jail Museum. This museum features exhibits on law enforcement during the early 1900s and includes artifacts like handcuffs and leg irons used on prisoners at this jail.

Another fun place to visit is The Texarkana History Museum, where you can learn more about local history while also viewing exhibits from around the area.

Ace of Clubs House

If you’re in the market for some historical architecture, Ace of Clubs House is a great place to start. The house was built in 1892 by businessman William D. Draughon; it was designed by architect Eugene T. Heiner and features elements of both Greek Revival and Italianate styles.

The mansion has been featured on numerous lists highlighting historic homes across the state of Arkansas, including

  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
  • Arkansas Register of Historic Places (ARHP)

Texarkana Farmers Market

The Texarkana Farmers Market is a weekly event that takes place every Wednesday from 9 am to noon. It’s located at the corner of Washington and Main streets, right next to the Municipal Center building. You’ll find everything from fresh produce and flowers to handmade crafts and more! The market is open to rain or shine every week unless there’s a severe weather alert issued by the National Weather Service for your area.

You can visit Texarkana Farmers Market any time during its operating hours: from 9 am until noon each Wednesday (except on holidays).

Discovery Place Children’s Museum

This museum is a fun and interactive place for children to learn, play and explore. Discovery Place Children’s Museum has four galleries that feature different themes including art, science, health and wellness, early learning, and technology.

The museum is located in downtown Texarkana at 309 North 2nd Street. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. The cost of admission is $5 per person or $10 per family with up to five visitors free on the fourth consecutive day of visiting during the same week (Monday-Friday).

In addition to their regular hours of operation, they also host special events throughout the year such as family nights where you can participate in fun activities while learning together!

The Levee

The Levee is a great place for any type of outing. You can go for free concerts, family fun, live music, a date night or just to hang out with friends. The Levee has something for everyone!

There are also many restaurants and bars in the area so it’s easy to meet up with friends after work or after spending time at the park.

The biggest benefit of going to The Levee is that it’s cheap! There are no hidden costs like parking fees or ticket prices – it really is free!

The Perot Theatre

The Perot Theatre is an old-fashioned movie theater in downtown Texarkana that shows first-run movies. It’s one of those places you can go with the family that everyone will enjoy. The theatre has been around since 1927, and it still looks just like it did when it opened.

The Perot Theatre is located at 421 State Line Avenue, Texarkana, AR 71854. You can get there by taking Interstate 30 to Exit 18 for State Line Avenue or taking Highway 67 South to Exit 4 for State Line Avenue. There are plenty of parking spaces on the street or in one of the nearby parking garages if needed.

Once inside The Perot Theatre, make sure to visit their concession stand for snacks and drinks before watching your movie! They have all sorts of snacks including popcorn (plain or with salt), nachos grande chips & cheese sauce, hot dogs (classic/all beef), candy bars such as Twix®, Milky Way® Bar®, Hershey Bars®, Baby Ruth® Chocolate Bar®, Skittles® Candy & Fruit Rollups™ Fruit Snacks (Made With Real Fruit!). You’ll also find Pepsi® products like Mountain Dew Kickstart™ Orange Citrus Flavored Beverage Or Raspberry Tea Flavored Soda Drink Mixers At The Movie Theater Concession Stands Near Me In Dallas Texas 73235

The Texarkana Musem System

The Texarkana Museum System is a collection of three museums that are located in Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texarkana, Texas. The system includes the Texarkana Museum of Natural History and Science, the Texarkana Museum of History, and the Texarkana Museum of Military History.

The museum focuses on local history with many exhibits devoted to different aspects of life in the area. There are also exhibits focused on subjects such as geology, paleontology (the study of fossils), archaeology (the study of ancient civilizations), and zoology (the study of animals). The museum also has an extensive collection related to World War II because it was during this time that both cities experienced significant growth due to war-related industries being moved into town by companies looking for less expensive labor than they could find elsewhere.

Draughon-Moore Ace of Clubs House

The house can be found at 921 West 7th Street, Texarkana, Arkansas. The home was built in 1904 by William J. Moore and his wife, Lena. The Moore family lived there until 1927 and sold the property to John R. Draughon who later died there in 1934. In 1937 it was purchased by Ila Mae Bradford who lived there until her death in 1983.

The house is known as a “shotgun-style” house because of its long rectangular shape with no hallways or interior partitions save for bathrooms and closets (which are located off of the kitchen). This architectural style found popularity throughout the South during Reconstruction after the Civil War due to its affordability.

A shotgun-style home could be built quickly with minimal materials and labor required for construction, which made them ideal for newly freed slaves looking for affordable housing options after gaining their freedom from slavery under President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation issued on January 1st, 1863 during America’s Civil War.”

Memorial Park

Memorial Park in Texarkana Arkansas is a large park that offers many amenities. It is one of the largest parks in Texarkana and has a number of amenities, including a swimming pool, playground, and walking trail. There is also a very large open field that goes along with their soccer fields. This field is perfect for playing football or any other game that you like to play outdoors.

Memorial Park has plenty of space for those who want to go on walks or jog around the park while enjoying nature at its best! You will find yourself surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers during all four seasons of the year because this beautiful place has been carefully landscaped by expert horticulturalists who know exactly how each plant should look in order for it to thrive best under these conditions (and vice versa).

Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake Park is a historic park in Texarkana, Arkansas. The park is known for its large collection of oak trees, including a live oak tree that is estimated to be 300 years old.

The park features an 18-hole golf course and also hosts festivals in the summer months. During the fall season, visitors can enjoy hayrides, pumpkin picking, and horseback riding at Spring Lake Park.

New Boston Historical Museum

This museum has been open since 1988 and features: Native Americans, frontier life, Civil War history, clothing of the era, and artifacts from the past such as buttons and hand tools or firearms used by soldiers during different eras in American history including World War I & II as well as Korea & Vietnam wars; antique cars like Model A Fords; antique tractors; 

Farm equipment like plows & cultivators; sewing machines from different eras including one which belonged to legendary cowboy singer Gene Autry’s mother (who grew up near Texarkana); furniture owned by local residents dating back decades ago when they were purchased new or given away after being passed down through several generations prior. 

Postcards mailed throughout central Arkansas over 100 years ago between friends/family members serving overseas during WWI combat operations abroad without ever having met face-to-face before coming home safely later that year–which shows how far technology has come since then!


Let’s recap.

  • 1. Go to the Arkansas State Fair and eat a deep-fried chocolate chip cookie, the perfect combination of sweet and savory.
  • 2. Get your groove on at the World’s Largest Disco at The Cotton Club in Texarkana, Arkansas. If you don’t know how to dance there are plenty of teachers willing to teach you—and they won’t judge if you’re terrible at it!
  • 3. Eat your way through all that delicious food while listening to live music at one of Texarkana’s many festivals like Springfest or Hot Summer Nights Festival!


We hope that you have enjoyed your brief tour of Texarkana Arkansas. Whether you live in the area or are just passing through, we encourage you to spend some time exploring these wonderful places and activities.

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