10 Things To Do In Bessemer AL

10 Things To Do In Bessemer AL Alabama

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Bessemer is a city brimming with charm, history, and an array of activities for everyone. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or looking for family fun, Bessemer offers a variety of experiences. Here are Things To Do In Bessemer AL Alabama that promise to make your stay unforgettable.

Things To Do In Bessemer AL Alabama

  1. Alabama Splash Adventure

Dive into fun at Alabama Splash Adventure, the ultimate destination for family entertainment. This water and theme park combines thrilling rides, slides, and attractions suitable for all ages. From the adrenaline-pumping Rampage roller coaster to the relaxing Lazy River, there’s something for every thrill level. Beyond the rides, the park emphasizes family-friendly values, with free sunscreen, parking, and WiFi, ensuring a hassle-free experience for visitors.

  1. Bessemer Hall of History Museum

Step back in time at the Bessemer Hall of History Museum. Housed in the historic Southern Railway Terminal, this museum offers a glimpse into the rich past of Bessemer and the surrounding region. With exhibits ranging from Native American artifacts to items from the city’s industrial and cultural history, the museum provides an insightful journey through time. It’s an essential visit for history buffs and those looking to understand the roots of this vibrant community.

  1. Frank House Municipal Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts will find their bliss at Frank House Municipal Golf Course. This beautifully maintained 18-hole course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. With its picturesque setting, affordable rates, and friendly atmosphere, it’s a perfect spot for a leisurely game or to sharpen your golfing skills. The course also hosts tournaments and events, making it a vibrant part of the local sports community.

  1. DeBardeleben Park

For a peaceful retreat into nature, visit DeBardeleben Park. Located in the heart of Bessemer, this green oasis is ideal for picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor activities. The park features a walking track, playgrounds for children, and ample space for relaxation. It’s a wonderful place to unwind, enjoy the outdoors, and take part in community events held throughout the year.

  1. The Bright Star Restaurant

No visit to Bessemer is complete without a meal at The Bright Star. This iconic eatery, established in 1907, is Alabama’s oldest family-owned restaurant. It serves a delectable mix of American and Greek cuisine, with specialties that have stood the test of time. The restaurant’s historic ambiance, combined with its commitment to quality and service, provides a dining experience that’s both memorable and delicious.

  1. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Explore the rich industrial heritage of Alabama at Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park. Spanning over 1,500 acres, the park is not just a haven for history buffs but also for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The park’s centerpiece, the historic ironworks, dates back to the Civil War era and played a crucial role in the industrial development of the region. Beyond history, the park offers hiking trails, fishing spots, and camping facilities, making it a perfect getaway for families and adventurers alike.

  1. Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge

Discover the beauty of Alabama’s natural ecosystems at the Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is home to the endangered Watercress Darter fish, found only in this region. The refuge’s efforts in conservation provide an excellent learning opportunity about biodiversity and environmental stewardship. Its serene ponds and the surrounding landscape offer a peaceful escape for wildlife observation, photography, and simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

  1. Bessemer Flea Market

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Bessemer Flea Market, a treasure trove for bargain hunters and antique lovers. With an extensive array of vendors selling everything from vintage collectibles to handmade crafts and fresh produce, the flea market is a bustling hub of activity. It’s an ideal place to find unique gifts, delve into local culture, and interact with the community. The market operates on weekends, offering a lively shopping experience.

  1. Doughboy Monument at DeBardeleben Park

Pay homage to American history at the Doughboy Monument, located within DeBardeleben Park. This statue honors the soldiers who served in World War I, known as “Doughboys.” It’s a poignant reminder of Bessemer’s contributions to American history and a focal point for reflection on the sacrifices made for freedom. The monument is an essential stop for those interested in military history and offers a moment of contemplation amidst the beauty of the park.

  1. The Bessemer Farmers Market

Embrace the local food scene at The Bessemer Farmers Market. This community market supports local farmers and artisans, providing fresh, locally-grown produce and handmade goods to the public. It’s a fantastic way to engage with the community, enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, and discover locally-made products ranging from honey to crafts. The market also serves as a gathering place, fostering connections among residents and visitors alike.


In conclusion, Bessemer, Alabama, is a city that seamlessly blends the charm of the past with the vibrancy of the present. With a plethora of activities ranging from exploring historical sites and engaging with nature to indulging in local culinary delights and participating in community events, Bessemer offers a rich tapestry of experiences for every type of visitor.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deep dive into the heart of Alabama’s history and culture, Bessemer is a destination that promises not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. As you plan your visit, remember that the true essence of Bessemer lies not just in its attractions, but in the warmth and welcoming spirit of its people. We invite you to discover the hidden gems and make unforgettable memories in this remarkable city. Bessemer awaits to surprise and enchant you with its unique blend of Southern hospitality and timeless allure.

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